Modems & RF Front-end

Advanten specializes in the design and manufacturing of wireless connectivity solutions for mobile and fixed applications. Advanten's products range comprises high-quality, reliability, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate in a global mobile data & video communication system.

Our Radio modules are for operation in the UHF / L-band / S band / C-band. Modulations developed in our modems are : DSSS with Rake Receiver / BPSK / QPSK / GMSK / MSK / FM. We provide embedded radio transceivers and radio modems with RF Power amplifiers, specific RF filters and duplexers, low noise amplifiers, high performance antennas and customized electrical, electronic and mechanical interfaces and adapters.
As examples, our wireless solutions are used on UAVs, unmanned ground vehicles, nuclear intervention robots, railway automation, urban bus and metro. Our modules can be uses in several system configurations : point to point, point to multipoint and with relay if necessary.

Advanten’s RF products can be customized to provide a complete solution for your specific application. This can include the design of new products to data acquisition systems and web interfacing.