Antennas & Systems

ADVANTEN develops and provide high specification >antennas, Directional and omnidirectional, Multi bands, Ultra Wideband (UWB) antennas, Sector and Multi Sectors. Our offer is wide range of applications : Civilian, industrial, Military and Security domains.

Main Applications include:
  • Mobile communications and Broadcast: INPT, TETRA and PMR, GSMR, DCS, UMTS, WIMAX, LTE
  • Railway, Urban transportation (Bus, Metro, tramway)
  • Unmanned Systems, UAVs, Robots
  • Radar, telemetry, goniometry
  • Tracking antenna system, distributed antenna systems
  • DVBH broadcast infrastructure antenna (un to 600 w)
Based on our novel developments in the field of metalized new material and, more specifically, the metalized foam, Advanten has developed a new generation of ultra low weight antennas. This technology will meet customer’s demands for antenna solutions subject to weight constraints; like for medical Instrumentation, aircrafts, UAVs, etc.

In addition to our product catalog, ADVANTEN is developing antennas and systems based on customer specifications, from 100 MHz to 24 GHz.